Lesson 4.12

Creating A Culture Of Belonging Through Micro-Opportunities

Dive into this topic via the key explanations and exercises below.

Key Concepts:

  • Fulfilling relationships are not built on just one grand gesture. They’re built on lots and lots of consistent gestures.

  • Inclusive cultures are the same. They’re built on taking lots and lots of micro-opportunities to include people and reinforce psychological safety.

    • When you encounter a room of people you don’t know, acknowledge everyone, not just the ones that look like “your people.”

    • When you need to consult someone for quick advice, don’t just go to the same usual suspects; broaden your brain trust to include more people.

    • Pay attention to who’s missing from important discussions and decisions, and go back and get them.

    • Pay attention to who you call on or acknowledge in group settings; leave no person behind!

    • When you step into the elevator, don’t just say hi to your friends; say hi to everyone.

    • Listen fully to everyone, not just people you’re used to agreeing with.

    • Pay attention to who gets spoken over, and jump in to let them finish—and do this for everyone whether you know them well or not.

    • When someone who’s not like you presents an idea or perspective, respond with curiosity.

    • Sit with different people at events, at lunch, or other places when most people congregate with their “tribes.”

    • Be mindful of who you mentor, and make sure it’s not just the ones who remind you of a younger you.

    • Express gratitude, give compliments, and pass along tiny kindnesses—to everyone, including the people who go less noticed.

For more tips on micro-inclusions and great culture, I suggest checking out https://www.sypartners.com/insights/ (SYPartners co-founder Keith Yamashita is one of the pioneers of the concept of micro-inclusions.)