Dream Teams: The Meta Skills of Breakthrough Collaboration


The lessons in this course make the most sense when completed in order, but you may navigate this course at any time using the sidebar to your left, or start on any of the sections below.

This course should take approximately 4–6 hours. Each lesson is between 3 and 10 minutes long.

Part I: Cognitive Diversity

Approximately 1.5 hours

These 12 lessons provide a foundation for understanding how great teamwork works—and how the same principles that work to make teams smarter can make us more innovative as individuals, too.

Part II: Productive Friction

Approximately 1.5 hours

These lessons move from theoretical to practical, helping you become a master of productive group collaboration, debate, and harnessing friction instead of letting conflict grind you to a halt.

Part III: Intellectual Humility

Approximately 1 hour

These lessons cover the most important meta-skill for any leader or collaborator of tomorrow. Intellectual Humility is what everything runs on. Learn how to recognize it, develop it, and encourage it in others.

Part IV: Collaborative Culture

Approximately 1 hour

Environment can make or break teamwork. These lessons cover how to adjust your thinking and behaviors, so you can contribute to an environment where you and everyone else gets better together—instead of in each others’ way.

These mini-lessons will provide you with techniques for managing the inevitable resistance to doing teamwork differently.

After you’ve completed all five sections, you can take these assessments to earn your certification for having mastered this course.